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RK Canteras Suites

El Puertillo: VV-35-1-0014556

Alcaravaneras: VV-35-1-0014557

Amadores: VV-35-1-0014558

Maspalomas: VV-35-1-0014559

El Agujero: VV-35-1-0014560

Mogán: VV-35-1-0014561

San Agustín: VV-35-1-0014562

Güigüi: VV-35-1-0014563

El Burrero: VV-35-1-0014564

La Garita: VV-35-1-0014565

Las Canteras: VV-35-1-0014568

Playa del Inglés: VV-35-1-0014566

RK City Center

1A: VV-35-1-0015336

1B: VV-35-1-0015337

2A: VV-35-1-0015338

2B: VV-35-1-0015339

3A: VV-35-1-0015340

3B: VV-35-1-0015366

RK Atlantis Canarias

1A: VV-35/1/1240

1B: VV-35/1/1241

1C: VV-35/1/1242

1D: VV-35/1/1243

2A: VV-35/1/1244

2B: VV-35/1/1245

2C: VV-35/1/1246

2D: VV-35/1/1247

3A: VV-35/1/1248

3B: VV-35/1/1249

3C: VV-35/1/1250

3D: VV-35/1/1251

4A: VV-35/1/1252

4B: VV-35/1/1253

4C: VV-35/1/1254

4D: VV-35/1/1255

RK Hotels

RK El Cabo Cottage

Holiday homes in Santa Brígida

This beautiful mansion is in Santa Brígida, a small town with lots of charm in the heart of the mountains, northeast from Gran Canaria, but it’s also close to the airport (24 km) and the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (16 km) with its wonderful Las Canteras beach.

The mansion is well preserved, and it belongs to a Canarian family that built it over the course of the years with care and dedication, and they now want guests to enjoy the quiet relaxing atmosphere of the house, the pool, the gardens and the views.

Guests can play ping pong and darts or work out on a stationary bicycle.

The area is ideal for hiking. To see the island, the best option is renting a car (contact the owners before your arrival to book one in advance).

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RK Hotels


Every room has a flat-screen TV with international channels and a private bathroom with toiletries and a hair dryer. Some rooms have a private living room, whereas other have a kitchen.

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  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Pool

  • Sun terrace with loungers

  • Ping pong

  • Stationary bicycle

  • Reading, TV and board game area

  • Wine cellar

  • Luggage storage

  • Tourist information

  • Safe deposit box

  • Daily cleaning service

  • Laundry service

  • Heating

Important information:

After booking, you must send an email to the owner indicating your time of arrival and the information on your ID card. The owner’s email address is elcabocottage@rkhotels.es. The owner needs to receive this information before sending you the check-in instructions. If you want to register your entry after 21:00 and haven’t previously notified the owner, you will be charged an additional €70.