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RK Canteras Suites

El Puertillo: VV-35-1-0014556

Alcaravaneras: VV-35-1-0014557

Amadores: VV-35-1-0014558

Maspalomas: VV-35-1-0014559

El Agujero: VV-35-1-0014560

Mogán: VV-35-1-0014561

San Agustín: VV-35-1-0014562

Güigüi: VV-35-1-0014563

El Burrero: VV-35-1-0014564

La Garita: VV-35-1-0014565

Las Canteras: VV-35-1-0014568

Playa del Inglés: VV-35-1-0014566

RK City Center

1A: VV-35-1-0015336

1B: VV-35-1-0015337

2A: VV-35-1-0015338

2B: VV-35-1-0015339

3A: VV-35-1-0015340

3B: VV-35-1-0015366

RK Atlantis Canarias

1A: VV-35/1/1240

1B: VV-35/1/1241

1C: VV-35/1/1242

1D: VV-35/1/1243

2A: VV-35/1/1244

2B: VV-35/1/1245

2C: VV-35/1/1246

2D: VV-35/1/1247

3A: VV-35/1/1248

3B: VV-35/1/1249

3C: VV-35/1/1250

3D: VV-35/1/1251

4A: VV-35/1/1252

4B: VV-35/1/1253

4C: VV-35/1/1254

4D: VV-35/1/1255

RK Hotels

RK La Casona de San Juan

Holiday home in Santa María de Guía

RK La Casona de San Juan is a beautiful Canarian house in Santa María de Guía, Gran Canaria. The decoration combines original elements of the house with modern, cosy and excellent quality materials. RK La Casona de San Juan is ideal for a quiet holiday away from the big cities.

The area has a wide range of leisure and tourism options for the traveller interested in architecture and natural spaces. If you take a tour through the streets of Guía you will be able to observe the beauty of its buildings. The historic centre of the municipality was declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1982.

After booking, it is essential to send an e-mail to the property with your arrival time and ID details. The property needs this information before sending you the check-in instructions. The email address of the property is: reservaslacasonadesanjuan@rkhotels.es

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RK Hotels

The house

The house has 3 bedrooms with a double bed, 1 bedroom with a single bed, 3 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

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The best location

  • Free Wifi

  • Central patio

  • Washing machine/dryer

  • Kettle

  • Refrigerator

  • Ceramic glass

  • Kitchen utensils